Super Yummy Versatile Skinny Muffins

Skinny blueberry muffin

Those who know me know I don’t really follow recipes (unless I am canning). Some I follow fairly closely, but most are only used for inspiration. That is kind of the story for these muffins.

One morning several years ago I woke up at 3 AM inspired to make healthy muffins. I know, it even sounds strange to me, but it happened. So, I found this recipe and have made versions of it dozens of times since then. It is–hands down–my favorite recipe. I ALWAYS double it so it lasts a couple weeks (hence pictures show a doubled batch). Now I am sharing it with you; I hope you like it as much as we do. Read more

The first real taste of spring

The first real taste of spring

Today it is finally starting to feel like spring. They are predicting a balmy 40 degrees all week and the sun is out. I can’t even remember how long it has been since we have seen this much sun.

Those who aren’t from Michigan (or other similar climates) probably cannot understand quite the relief of getting out after months stuck inside with artificial light and stale air, but it is such a relief to be freed from it, even temporarily. Read more