It’s Planting Time Again

Planting Day

The snow and frost have finally stopped (we hope!) and things are growing strong. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Everything is fresh and green. We can finally get our hands dirty, tuck in our fragile little plants, and dream of warmer days and the harvest to come.

I finally finished planting my main garden. It has been a long process and it has been interesting to see all of my hard work come to fruition. It will still need plenty of tweaking, trellising, and weeding but I think it is a good start and an improvement over last year. Check it out! Read more

Rugged Van Riper State Park

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Van Riper State Park

This is absolutely one of my favorite Michigan State Parks. recreation_passport_logo_w_tagIt has a rugged beauty that is beyond compare. It is amazing how beautiful this state is and how much of that land is readily available through the state park system. And I love how it is now only $11 for a Recreation Passport to access all of these gems. Note: this is an affiliated but unsponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Van Riper State Park is located on Lake Michigamme just outside of Champion, Michigan in the northwestern Upper Peninsula about half-way between Marquette and the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

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The Vacation Begins at Cheboygan State Park

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The Vacation Begins in Cheboygan

It is that time again. Warmer days are ahead and it is time to plan summer outings and camping trips. Michigan State Parks are taking campsite reservations and sites are filling up fast. The hard part is picking the best places for you with the time you have. I have several favorites that I will try to share with you.

Every summer (and sometimes also winter) I take my annual pilgrimage up north. Usually, we spend almost all of our trip in the Upper Peninsula, but last year we also spent a little time in the northern Lower Peninsula as well.

Our trip started with a night at Cheboygan State recreation_passport_logo_w_tagPark. Of course, we used the Recreation Passport for beautiful, cheap lodging. In fact, it was essentially free since my parents had their camper there already and we joined them for the night. Note: this is an affiliated but unsponsored post. All opinions are my own. Read more