Quick and Easy Jewelry Hanger

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Quick and easy jewelry hanger

I was at an expo Friday with a good friend when I saw an interesting jewelry hanger. I had been looking for a good way to store necklaces and earrings, and this is the first idea that looked useful. However, the ones at the expo started at $20 and didn’t look that interesting. That is when it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be that hard to make something similar. In fact, with my dad’s help this took about half an hour to make and we already had all the materials on hand. It even matches my rustic décor!

First I took a clean, aged stick about 18” long and about 1 1/2” in diameter. I held it at the ends to see which way gravity wanted it to hang, then I cut the knots off of the back so it could lay relatively flat.

Quick and easy jewelry hanger

I found a length of lamp pull chain that I liked and used an air stapler to attach it to the ends of the back. Originally I was just going to tie twine around it and hang from that, but I liked this idea better. You can use pretty much anything that is sturdy enough to hold the weight securely.

Caution: tools can be dangerous if used improperly. Be extremely careful when using them. Eye protection is always good. Do as I say, not as I do.

Next we took nails and hammered them into the top of the stick about every 2” inches to hang necklaces on. I used 1 1/2” nails, but you can use pretty much whatever you can find.

Quick and easy jewelry hanger

After that, I cut a piece of window screen a couple inches narrower than the stick and at a height I liked. I simply stapled this to the back of the stick with the air stapler and trimmed off any excess screen that stuck over the top.

Quick and easy jewelry hanger

Then all I had to do is put my jewelry on and hang it up. I suppose if I had real jewelry I would have to have something nicer than this, but luckily for me I like the cheap stuff and it looks really nice hanging on my wall. Now I can see what I have and get to it easily.

I considered putting upward-facing hooks into the ends of the stick to hang bracelets from, but I don’t really have any. This is certainly an option, though. There are many ways this could be varied to fit different decors. I hope this gives you some ideas. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. If you try making one of these, I would love to see pictures of the finished product!

Quick and easy jewelry hanger

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