Clear Skies Ahead

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Things are progressing well in the garden…for the most part.

Accomplishment #1: We finally got all of the grass off of the garden!


Accomplishment #2: We have a tiller in our possession.

Accomplishment #3: We bought all of the seeds and plants that we want to plant and we have mostly decided on a layout for the garden–blocks, not rows.


Problem: It keeps raining. Not a lot, but a little every day. Just enough that the soil won’t dry out enough to till the garden. And we can’t plant anymore until we get the soil ready.

The Good News: It is dry and windy today. It is supposed to cool off tomorrow, but stay dry for several days. Hopefully, we can till and plant in the next couple days.

In Other News: The blueberry bush hasn’t died yet and the peas we planted earlier are doing well–nothing has eaten them yet. The only problem is that the grass and weeds are trying to come back in the garden with a vengeance.


The other plants are surviving in their trays. However, something did eat the Swiss chard plants we bought. The critters couldn’t even wait for us to get it into the ground. I think there is still enough left that it will regrow, but I suspect it will also be “re-harvested” before we get any. Apparently this is our sacrificial plant to distract from the other crops. I thought it may be the kale, but they are uninterested. Maybe the critters saw one too may green smoothies and kale chips and ran the other way


We did plant basil, which is also getting eaten, but by slugs or bugs. We have tried sprinkling crushed egg shells around the plant, but I think we need more. Anyone have any other tips to save the basil?


We also planted dill, parsley and cilantro. They haven’t really grown or shrunk, so time will tell how happy they are.


The rhubarb has yet to make an appearance, so I don’t know yet how the bare root is doing. More waiting.

I can’t wait to get digging. How is your garden coming?

2 thoughts on “Clear Skies Ahead

  1. Laura says:

    Re: Kale – nowhere to plug in the blender for smoothes so the critters won’t eat it. 🙂
    Basil – if you learn it’s slugs try the stale beer in a shallow dish. Do you need more eggshells?
    The weather forecast does look good, hope you get your planting done be week’s end! Great update!

  2. Life in the Between says:

    They could lay the kale out to dry in the sun to make kale chips.
    We have plenty of eggshells, since we have been saving for several months for the garden, but we are a bit short on stale beer.
    Looks like a frost warning for Wednesday morning, so it may be good we haven’t planted yet.

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