Our First Harvest

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Our First Harvest

Our garden is growing and we finally have our first harvest! Sure it is only two banana peppers and a giant Marconi, but it is still early and much bigger things are coming. Come see the progress things have made!


This is what it looks like so far. Most things are a little taller than last month and some things are starting to produce already.


The garlic (center) is growing well, and the onions (right) are growing even more quickly. They would do even better if the critters would quit digging them up. Also, the raspberries along the fence are loaded with tiny berries.


The little sprouts in the top row are carrots and the bottom row is lettuce. They should both be thinned (and weeded) soon, but they are still growing happily and nothing has eaten them yet!


The blueberry bush is making progress though it is growing more forward than up to get sunlight. I did prune the trees overhead, which should help with this.


The peas are doing amazingly well, considering how badly they need weeding. We planted the seeds before we tilled the rest of the garden, so this area is significantly worse than everywhere else.


The Brussels sprouts are getting bigger, and the celery (right) is still here too. These are both firsts for me so we will see how and what they do.


The peppers are doing much better than I expected so far. Most of them have peppers on them, mostly since we bought bigger plants that were already flowering. There are at least 6 different varieties, so these should be interesting to watch.


Some of the tomatoes are starting to produce as well. These also have several varieties to keep things interesting.


The eggplants are small yet, but each has several blooms.


Zucchini and yellow squash are getting ready to take over the garden. I am sure they are planted too close together, but plants were added last minute and it made sense at the time.


The potatoes are coming up. There are three varieties; can you guess which plants are the purple potatoes?


The pumpkins and butternut squash are still small, but not for long.


The black beans are not doing so well. Only two plants came up. I am thinking about replanting them with the leftover seeds.

The peanuts are doing even worse. Nothing came up at all and we can’t find any seeds in the ground. At least some critter got a nice meal and they are leaving everything else alone for now. Next year we will start the seeds in a safer place.

The rhubarb also did not grow from the rootstock. We got two actual plants last night and they are now planted along with another basil. You can never have too much basil, right?

Now all we really have to do is water, weed, and plan what to do with the harvest. Anyone have any good Marconi pepper recipes?

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