Springtime in the Garden

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We broke ground on our vegetable garden last weekend! What was a patch of grass under a foot of snow just a couple months ago is now exposed fertile soil. Come See!


Veggie Garden

This is what we started with. The grass isn’t that great and much of the back part was weeds. My parents came over with more tools and we went at it with shovels, forks, and our bare hands. After just a couple hours, this is what we have.


When finished, it will go up to the daffodils, so we just have to finish clearing out the middle section.

There are already some raspberries (or blackberries?) coming through the fence on the right side, so we will likely add more there. I plan on putting a blueberry bush in the back corner under the neighbor’s pine tree, and we will start planting peas along the back very soon.

We are making plans for the rest of the garden but have to wait for less frosty weather to plant much else.


We are enjoying the bulbs that are finally out. You already saw the big, beautiful clump of daffodils by the veggie garden and there is one daffodil blooming by the front door.


This one clump of tulips has buds and we can’t wait to see what color they are.


The forsythia is blooming, at least for now. This bush (and its friend) may be going before too long. They are just too big for where they are planted and the other one blocks the gate into the back yard.


We also have violets–in the middle of the lawn. At this point, most anything ¬†blooming is good and the foliage is green and well-behaved, so it doesn’t look any worse than the rest of the lawn.


We have seen some cute potential threats to our veggies, though. First, it was a pair of rabbits that hung out for a couple days. We expected bunnies and weren’t very surprised. However, they were quickly replaced by this one:


It appears that we have a groundhog living under our deck. It is cute and fun to watch (especially for the cats). I just wonder how much of our crops it will be eating. I guess we will see. This year’s garden is mostly sacrificial trial and error anyway to find out what works best here. Keep reading and we can find out together.

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4 thoughts on “Springtime in the Garden

  1. The Farmer's Wife says:

    What beautiful pictures of your spring activity. Just lovely!

    1. Life in the Between says:

      Thank you. This spring seemed slow in coming, but finally having green grass made it worth it.

  2. Green Bean says:

    A groundhog! That’s awesome. Sure, it may eat a little of the crops but to see it up close and personal, very cool.

    1. Life in the Between says:

      It is very fun to watch. We feel blessed to have any animal come for us to see.

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