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Friday was an extremely stressful day. We had our offer in Thursday night, but word came there was another offer that was higher. We upped ours, but theirs was still higher. So, we upped ours again to the top of our range. Theirs was still about $5000 higher at the asking price. However, we have a conventional mortgage and they have an FHA, which is a lot more hassle.

Then we waited. Friday night we got the call that our bid had been accepted over the other because the seller needed the process to be as quick and easy as possible. There was much rejoicing and a huge sigh of relief.

We signed the counteroffer at the updated price on Saturday. The inspection is scheduled for Wednesday morning. We are waiting on processing of the financing, but we are all hoping to close on the 30th. Now we wait and hope the inspection goes well and has no huge surprises.

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  1. Megan I have not read to many blogs, but the ones I have, were not very interesting. Your blog is not only interesting and fun but it is also filled with interesting and helpful hints. I have met the boys and can attest at how accurate your blog is on both of them. Since I am a cat lover maybe I am a little prejudice but they are adorable or should I say handsome lads. Keep up with your blog, now that I have found it, I cant wait to read your next installment.

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