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We looked at another house. It was in a nice neighborhood and it was big enough. Most of the rooms were nice sized, except the kitchen. The kitchen needed to be gutted and expanded through the dining room, which would then be moved to the living area (with a fireplace) next to it. It would be really pretty fabulous when completed, but a lot of work and money.

The yard was unimpressive. It was pretty small and went uphill in the back. It did have this little gem, though.


At one time, this was a very nice, insulated place with electricity and everything. Unfortunately, that was a while ago and it has fallen into disrepair.

The basement had some interesting surprises, like this crawl space under the kitchen:


As much as I would like to see what interesting things could be found in there, I am a bit afraid to look. There was also this mess in the ceiling, but that is pretty common.


Overall, the house had potential, but needed a lot of work and was too expensive to begin with. Mostly, we just didn’t love it. The next one is on Monday and we will see, though I am not optimistic about it.

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