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This week has been extremely busy. Thankfully, I had already taken it as a vacation week from work because I had to use up time, so the timing is perfect.

We talked to the lender and are in the process of signing paperwork. We talked to our insurance agent and are getting quotes. Our lender, realtor, insurance agent, and inspector are all talking amongst themselves. Hopefully, the title companies are in there somewhere too. We have had to make several calls to verify details and put together our team, but mostly they have handles the worst of it for us. Thankfully, everyone working for us is really great and things seem to be going surprisingly smoothly.

Mostly, everything hinged on the inspection (sounds ominous, doesn’t it?). The inspection was pretty much the make or break part of this deal and it was this morning. Yes, there were some small issues, but nothing big and ugly like we feared. Yes, the foundation is leaking a little, but it is fixable and may be under warranty. Even if it isn’t, it isn’t that hard or expensive to fix and the inspector wasn’t that worried about it. Everything is fairly easily fixable and none of it would prohibit us moving in immediately.

Now we have to decide if we want to ask the seller for a concession to fix stuff or not. It would be nice to lower the price, but we don’t want to risk them backing out of the deal and going with the other offer. Especially since the fixes shouldn’t be a huge hit to our budget.

After that, we have to wait on paperwork. Thankfully we are taking a vacation day tomorrow to relax and regroup…and start planning the move. The closing may be in as little as 22 days. We better start packing soon.

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