House Hunting-Part 2

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We looked at the houses last night, and nothing really surprised us.

The first house was the best. It would have been tolerable, but it was at the top of our price range and too close to neighbors. It was also just like the house my husband grew up in, and only a couple houses from it. Mostly we were neutral about it and we would like a house we actually like. It went downhill from there.

The second house was the same price as the first. It only had a 1 stall garage that was maybe 6 feet tall and a single lane driveway. It was on a hill so there were steps everywhere (which would be fun in the winter). We didn’t really like the layout and it just felt wrong.

The third house was in a neighborhood we didn’t like and it had a horrible smell. Mostly wet dog with kids and a cat thrown in for good measure. It gave me a headache that lasted the rest of the night. The house is currently a daycare and it has a strange floor plan.

The fourth house was on a nice double lot, but too shady to garden well. The neighborhood was iffy and the commute would have been horrible. As for the house, it really needs to be torn down and started over. To be fair, it was only $70,000. We decided to get out of the basement before it fell down around us. Otherwise, I did like the kitchen cabinets.

I guess we keep looking. Let’s see if we find anything before we have to re-sign our least by the end of the month.

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