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Since we bought our house in November, we have made several small updates. It seems like most of these have been in the main bathroom to make it much more convenient. Come see!



As you can see, the bathroom is pretty small. There is one sink and the tub/shower is to the right. Long term we would like to totally gut the room and update it, but for now our small tweaks make it much more usable.

Our biggest purchase was our Christmas gift to each other–the toilet.

The Toilet


Confession: I am picky about my toilets. The old one was functional, but it had buttons on the top that you had to hold down until it was done. It didn’t have nearly enough power and I just didn’t like it. This one is great and I am sure it could flush anything we throw at it.

We also moved the t.p. dispenser. It was on the side of the cabinet–right next to and behind you a bit. Now it is under the window and in front where it is easy to reach. A small change, but a huge improvement.



The old faucet worked but had a single handle that was hard to control. My parents had this one that they loved, but it was the wrong finish for their new decor, so they gave it to us. J changed it out and it works beautifully.

Also shown is the new drain stopper. The old drain had no stopper-really, who lives without a stopper? Anyway, we fixed that quickly.


Continuing on a theme, the tub stopper was also broken out. Apparently someone really didn’t like being able to contain water. I really don’t like cold toes in the shower so we replaced it with one of the new toe touch stoppers. It is so much easier to use and clean than the old style (after we caulked it enough to stop leaking).

Shower Accessories

The house came with this wonderful shower head. I never thought I would love it as much as I do, but it is a great luxury.


Unfortunately, my bath caddy will not fit behind it. Thankfully, Pinterest came through and inspired this hook. The beauty of this is that you can put it anywhere you want and it takes the stress off the shower head. I considered a decorative knob, but this was easier, cheaper, and less distracting. We also added a cheap shower head bracket to hold the handheld showerhead on the side wall for a multi-directional shower.




This room has four wide drawers; we mostly use the top one. To make it more organized, we added a drawer divider that we had bought for our apartment. This is before I figured out the easy DIY drawer dividers, but it works for this space for now and is much easier to install.


In addition, we added over-the-door hooks to hold our towels instead of using the little towel bar. They hold more and the towels can dry quicker.


We found the plaid curtains on clearance though they were too big and needed a lot of hemming to look like this. Thanks to Mom for helping with these.

Ongoing Project

This has been our stumbling block. The dreaded bath fan.


The old one was pretty much dead and hardly moved air. We got a new one and it was going to be a quick switch (famous last words).

  1. Then the pot lights were too deep, so we bought low-clearance retrofit lights.
  2. The lights were really bright, so now we need a dimmer.
  3. A dimmer will not fit in the switch box. We either need to remove the only outlet in the bathroom or tear the wall apart to put it in its own box.
  4. Now we can’t get to the back of the bath fan to connect the exhaust pipe without tearing apart part of the bulkhead.
  5. We aren’t loving the bulkhead. If we really start this project, it may be gone before we are done. Then we have to reconfigure lighting, among other things.

There is a chance we may end up gutting the bathroom sooner than we planned if things go really wrong and we can’t do that until we get a surround on the upstairs shower.

So…we are left with a bath fan hanging out of the bulkhead and a little draft, but it is fine if you don’t look up. It will get done…eventually

That is what we have so far. I look forward to posting when the fan is done. Do you have any projects that have turned into sagas like this?


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