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This was not a good day for house hunting. We had to have my bunny, Bubba, put down and finding a house was not exactly my biggest concern at the time. On top of that, work was extremely long and stressful.


House 1:

It was a house. The kitchen was tiny and the bedrooms were small. The back yard was too shady to garden well. The most interesting thing about this house was the massive plant in the front yard. Anyone know what it is?


Honestly, I don’t even remember much about this house. Mostly, it didn’t feel right and I didn’t like it.

House 2:

This house looked better in pictures than in person. The neighborhood wasn’t great and a tornado recently took out the fence. This gave a lovely view of the neighbor’s yard, which is not likely to end up in a magazine anytime soon. This one also boasted its own orange barrels.


I don’t know what they are doing; I don’t want to know. Again, small bedrooms and the “screened in porch” was ugly and left a lot to be desired.

House 3:

This one was kind of fun. First off, the utilities were shut off so we got to see it by flashlight. It had some great retro elements, like this radio in the kitchen


And this intercom system


It even had two showers in the basement.



Plus this very colorful toilet!


Guess what? More small bedrooms. And signs of significant water in the basement. Looks like we get to keep looking.

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