First Quarter Review 2016

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We are just three months into 2016 and it has already been quite a year. As always my word of the year – Refocus – has been more of a challenge than I anticipated. The point of refocusing was to take the time to find where I am and where I would really like to go. In reality, it has been very difficult to really focus on anything.2016


In the first days of January, I unexpectedly lost a very good friend to cancer. She was only 44 and so full of life. Laura Looman was one of the strongest Christians I knew and I am certain that she is now singing exuberantly in the heavenly choir. In our last conversation, she was so looking forward to getting her heavenly mansion and she certainly earned it. I rejoice with her, but all of us left here are mourning our loss of such a faithful and loving friend. It still isn’t fully real that she is gone. Also, she was one of this blog’s biggest supporters, and I have found it nearly impossible to write since then.


Since she was single, I spent much of the rest of the month and the first half of February helping her friends and family clean out her apartment. It was not a fun task, but it brought us closer as friends and the work was an outlet for our grief. It also gave me a new perspective on possessions and what is really important.

Laura was a beautiful soul. She was a great friend to many and valued her friends and family above all. I was very lucky to have her friendship and I will always appreciate the time we had together.


February was a strange month. As I said, much of the first half was spent working on Laura’s apartment. The rest was spent planning and taking a much-needed trip to Disney World. J had never been and I had not gone in over a decade. As a wedding present, my uncle gave us his time share book and this is what we finally chose. The fun part was that the only room we could get was during my Mom’s birthday and my parent’s 50th anniversary. So, they decided to take a two-week vacation and join us at the parks for those days. It was great that I could get them there since they hadn’t been since they took me almost two decades ago.


Overall, it was a great whirlwind trip. We stayed at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resorts and spent six days in the parks. We walked 50 miles and saw almost everything. The food was spectacular and we had so much fun. After January, it was a much-needed break. It was also really nice to get away from the snow for a week.


Also, in February, I turned the big three-five. We had a small celebration with my family. With everything going on, I didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm for a big celebration, so it was really nice just to be surrounded to those closest to me.


March has been a very down month. I came back from Disney with an unexpected souvenir–bronchitis. It still isn’t totally gone and it may be exposing some other previously unknown health problems. Only time and tests will tell. Between that and the Disney “hangover”, I have hardly gotten anything useful done this month.

I have been working on one really fun project, though; I have my vegetable seeds started. This is my first time starting seeds and it seems to be going really well so far. I got the Baker Creek seed catalog and I was instantly hooked. Then, after ordering several packets, I found a seed exchange at our local library and got several more vegetable and herb seeds for free.


Thankfully, I received this great newspaper seed pot maker as a birthday present, so I only needed to buy seeds and potting soil.

This has really helped to keep my costs minimal and the project affordable. The rest of the supplies I have scrounged from around the house. I have found that storage bins make great temporary greenhouses until the seeds have sprouted and just about anything flat can be a tray. I am making use of my big south-facing window and I hope it will be enough that I do not need a grow light.









My biggest problem so far is keeping the cats away from the plants. Hunter would gladly eat them, but so far the shelving unit has kept him away from them. Hopefully, this will continue to be enough and there will be enough room on the top two shelves once I start repotting them in bigger containers.

Looking Ahead

I am hoping that things will smooth out soon. I am planning several fun Michigan travel posts and I hope I can start posting them very soon. I would also like to have regular garden posts so you can see how the seeds and garden turn out. If there is anything else you would like to see here, let me know in the comments.

Unfortunately, it looks like I will probably have to find a job soon. This blog is not making any income yet, not even enough to cover its own costs, so I will probably need to find something more concrete and that will cut into my time for writing. If you like the content here, please click on one of the Amazon links before you purchase anything there. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it would be infinitely helpful for me to keep things going here and I would be forever grateful. Thanks for being loyal readers.

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