Meet the Boys

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It is impossible to write about our lives without including our cats. They like to “help” with the projects, so they will probably be mentioned often–like in this post. In fact, one of them (Hope) just ran up to me, meowing, with a milk cap ring in his mouth to help with this post.



This is Hunter. He showed up one day in 2005 on my parent’s porch. They wouldn’t take him and I wasn’t about to send him back out into the cold, cruel world, so he came home with me.

The biggest (pun intended) thing about Hunter is his appetite. He will eat anything that isn’t nailed down and some things that are. That is how he got to be 18 pounds. He loves food. Any food. He has a special taste for broccoli, and yes, he is apparently a bit crazy. He also loves eating plastic; especially the handles of plastic grocery bags. Thankfully, so far he has successfully digested them and we try to keep them out of reach. At other times, he has tried to eat spackle and bleach water. Nothing is safe.


Hunter can be very demanding when he wants attention, and he is most likely to help with any project I am doing. He is also the one who wakes us up in the middle of the night because he wants breakfast (not til 6 am).

Despite all that, Hunter is the best cuddler we have. On cold nights, he will curl up between us under the blankets and snuggle. Sometimes when you pick him up he will give great hugs. Other times he can be a great lap cat. I went through some rough times a while back and Hunter really helped get me through.



Hope has an interesting story. He was left in a cat carrier next to a minivan in a church parking lot late one night in 2006. Everyone else had allergies or dogs, so I ended up taking him home. I was not going to keep him, but Hunter was really lonely and Hope was so sweet so he stayed.

The first thing you notice about Hope is how pretty he is. He demands that you notice. He loves to lay on his back with his belly up and his toes curled under. This looks so adorable and inviting, but it is a trap.


Whatever you do, don’t touch him when he is doing this. He will try to bite your hand off. He must be petted only when he demands it, never when he looks inviting.

Hope also likes to lay down behind you when you are standing so you step back onto him, or to find other ways to trip you. If you are ignoring him, he loves to sneak up and obviously steal something you are using. Pencils and hair ties are his favorite. He will jump to the floor with the stolen item, drop it, and stare at you until he gets attention.

Hope does have one food quirk. He loves green olives. He is obsessed and will roll on them. It affects him worse than catnip. He is also a herder. He must know where his people are at all times and is happiest when he can see everyone.

So, for better or worse, these are our boys. They can be a hassle sometimes, but they more than make up for it other times. Their quirky antics keep us entertained and on our toes, and they truly help make our family complete.

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