A New Day Is Dawning

A New Day

I feel it necessary to apologise to you, dear reader. Things have been crazy and I have been neglecting to write to you, but I promise that I have not forgotten you. The thing is, I have been busy making big changes in my life.

I QUIT MT JOB! My “real” job. The unappreciative and demoralizing retail job I have held and hated for the last 13 years. No, I do not have another job lined up, I just quit. It isn’t really that simple, but that is the gist of it. Obviously that brings up some questions and I will try to answer some of them here. Read more

Road Trip to the Tip of the Mitt

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Road Trip

It is summer, so it is time for travel at any available opportunity. I had an unexpected three-day weekend, so we opted for an impromptu road trip.

In the 60’s my dad was in the Coast Guard and he was stationed at a couple lighthouses in the Great Lakes. One was New Presque Isle near Rogers City. My husband hadn’t seen it yet, so it seemed like the perfect excuse for a trip. Read more

Planting Day Finally Arrived

Planting DayThe weather finally cooperated and we successfully tilled and planted everything yesterday.

The morning started out very slowly with a much-needed sleep in, followed by a great breakfast of corned beef hash, eggs, and toast expertly made by J. After the long week we had, it was a great relief to have a relaxing morning. Also, I don’t think the neighbors would have appreciated us starting any sooner than we did. Around 10:30 we finally got out and started tilling up the garden. Read more

Cinco de Mayo Garden Update

We have been working steadily on the garden and finding plants and seeds. Things are coming along nicely and I am hoping to have things cleared and ready in time to plant soon.

Most of the grass has been removed from the vegetable garden area, and it should only take about an hour for both of us to get the rest up. The problem is that it keeps raining, which is good for the plants but makes it difficult to work in the mud. We did purchase a blueberry bush and planted it in the back corner, as I had planned and finally got the pea seeds planted.

IMG_0468 Read more